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CEC Team Helsinki

Conscious Entrepreneurs' Community

Conscious Entrepreneurs’ Community started as an organically grown network of entrepreneurs that collaborate, support and celebrate each other. As an association, Conscious Entrepreneurs Community supports entrepreneurs and their efforts to develop their business in terms of responsibility, sustainability and impact by providing education, networking and shared resources, and facilitating peer-to-peer support and collaborations between its members.

Conscious entrepreneus women around the table laughing

Space for Sharing

We believe in sharing information, resources and support. Every month we host in-person and virtual gatherings so we can learn from each other, ask questions, and share our wins as well as our bottlenecks. It’s all about embracing the journey together.


The Conscious Entrepreneurs’ Community is about having each other's backs in the highs, and in the lows. It’s a facilitated brave space where you are welcomed to share your fears, insecurities and losses, as well as your visions, expertise, and wins. We are all entrepreneurs so we have all been there. 

Inclusive Community

We welcome entrepreneurs at all points of journey: some of our members have just taken the leap and joining this community helps gain the courage to start, while others have been entrepreneurs for decades and enjoy finally not feeling alone on the journey. Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome.


The team behind the community work continuously on creating an inclusive space where all genders, sexual identities, ethnicities and abilities feel welcome. Our community includes entrepreneurs with over 17 different nationalities from five continents, and we love to see our diversity grow. One of our missions is to support international entrepreneurs in Finland and advocate for improving conditions for international entrepreneurship.

Active Collaborations

One of the great things about the community is that it eases the process of finding experts to support the growth of your business: Chances are there’s either an amazing expert within the community you can directly buy your needed service from, or a recommendation for a go-to-person.

Many of the members have collaborated with each other in a joyous, organic coming together of entrepreneurs. Many of our member businesses host regular pop-up events together - we have great space owners in our community to host such events, and very talented illustrators to design everything from product packaging to event advertisements.

CEC active collaboration
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