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Conscious Entrepreneurs' Community - Monthly events


Apart from finding potential collaborators, the benefits of becoming a member include feeling supported, celebrated and inspired by fellow entrepreneurs as well as experiencing the joy of helping others along their journey. 

The community board facilitates in-person events and virtual events that give members the opportunity to connect with each other, ask questions, and share what is going on for them. The monthly events include Community Celebration, Monthly Mastermind, Member Q&A or Workshop, and Sunday Service.

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The Community Celebration is hosted every first Friday of the month at 6pm somewhere around Helsinki, or the capital area. It’s the opportunity to casually come together, share, celebrate, and be supported. It’s the best opportunity to really get to know and socialize with fellow members. We generally wait for everyone to arrive and then we begin a sharing circle where everyone has the opportunity to share who they are, what their business is, what they would like to celebrate, and what they would like support with, and anything else they feel like sharing. It is a loosely facilitated circle and sometimes a topic of conversations takes us to a detour before continuing with the next person. After the sharing circle, we stay to chat, enjoy relaxing and bonding with each other.

These events were hosted every month in person in a rotating location in Helsinki and are a wonderful opportunity to connect and share with fellow entrepreneurs.

Community celebration
first mastermind CEC Helsinki

Monthly Mastermind

The Monthly Mastermind happens every third Thursday of the month at 11am via Google Meet. It begins with a facilitated personal development exercise, meditation, or journaling prompt and continues with the sharing of our discoveries, emotions, and aha! moments. It is an in-depth container for sharing, being vulnerable, and growing our entrepreneurial mindsets. Participation in these Masterminds is an add-on to community membership. 


Member Q&A or Workshop 

The Member Q&A or Workshops take place once a month, usually on a weekday evening. They are an opportunity for a member to share their story and learnings or their expertise in the form of a Q&A interview or self-facilitated workshop. These sessions are open to the public as it is an opportunity for the members to gain visibility as well as for fellow members to learn from them. If you are a member and would like to host one of these workshops or be interviewed, please contact us directly.

Member workshops

Sunday Service

The Sunday Service takes place every third Sunday of the month (with some exceptions) at 11am in person at a private residence in Helsinki. The Sunday Service is a communal brave space for our emotional wellbeing. Each session may be slightly different as they are guided intuitively by Minna Mustapää depending on the needs of the group, yet they are likely to include some meditation, journaling, sharing, and maybe even some free flow movement.

Conscious entrepreneus women around the table laughing CEC Helsinki
Sunday service

External Trainings

We frequently invite experts to share their knowledge with our community members for example regarding tax & finances, marketing, research, idea validation, or any other topic that is relevant for our business owners. These do not have a set monthly date to allow for flexibility when coordinating time with our experts.

External trainings
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