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The Conscious Entrepreneurs’ Community began from a desire to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, to mastermind together and help each other expand.

Back in the very start of 2021, Minna Mustapää and Karolina Santa met up again for a mastermind over coffee to share their new year intentions for their businesses. They had tried various networking events, yet had felt uninspired by these rigid organizations with hefty sign-up fees and mandatory attendance. They wanted to share with fellow entrepreneurs, and they understood the power of a network, yet they craved for a community with an abundant essence of freedom, creativity and sharing of resources.

It started with a simple idea: Let’s invite more entrepreneurs to join our monthly masterminds. The first one happened the next month in February 2021 with Jenni Bergman, founder of sustainable florist Studio Frö, artist & illustrator Anna Stankevich, and wellness coach Jenni Demus. A whatsapp group was set up to allow for communication between masterminds and this eventually grew to +75 members from +17 nationalities across five continents.

In 2022, Carmen Lorenzana and Chiara Montecchiari joined Minna in growing and nurturing the community as Karolina Santa directed her focus to what would become the number one co-working space for creative entrepreneurs in Helsinki. For the community, the first Fridays of the month became the number one activity known as the Community Celebration.

At the end of the year, Shan Luolin recognised Minna’s efforts in nurturing the community and the vision for impact that she had, and joined as the Secretary and Treasurer to help organize and actualise these lofty missions in the form of a formal association. 

In February 2023, Minna Mustapää, Carmen Lorenzana, Chiara Montecchiari and Shan Luolin formed the founding board and registered Conscious Entrepreneurs Community ry as an official association. 

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