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Conscious Entrepreneurs' Community

Conscious Entrepreneurs’ Community is a peer-to-peer support community for impact-driven entrepreneurs in Helsinki.

Conscious Entrepreneurs’ Community started as an organically grown network of entrepreneurs that collaborate, support and celebrate each other. As an association, Conscious Entrepreneurs Community supports entrepreneurs and their efforts to develop their business in terms of responsibility, sustainability and impact.

Space for Sharing

We believe in sharing information, resources and support. Every month we host in-person and virtual gatherings so we can learn from each other, ask questions, and share our wins as well as our bottlenecks. It’s all about embracing the journey together.

Inclusive Community

We welcome entrepreneurs at all points of journey: some of our members have just taken the leap and joining this community helps gain the courage to start, while others have been entrepreneurs for decades and enjoy finally not feeling alone on the journey.

Active Collaborations

One of the great things about the community is that it eases the process of finding experts to support the growth of your business: Chances are there’s either an amazing expert within the community you can directly buy your needed service from, or a recommendation for a go-to-person.



The community board facilitates in-person events and virtual events that give members the opportunity to connect with each other, ask questions, and share what is going on for them.

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Community Celebrations

The Community Celebration is hosted every first Friday of the month at 6pm somewhere around Helsinki, or the capital area. It’s the opportunity to casually come together, share, celebrate, and be supported. It’s the best opportunity to really get to know and socialize with fellow members. 

Community Celebrations
Mastermind and workshops


The Monthly Mastermind happens every third Thursday of the month at 11am via Google Meet. It begins with a facilitated personal development exercise, meditation, or journaling prompt and continues with the sharing of our discoveries, emotions, and aha! moments.

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Member Q&A and Workshops

The Member Q&A and Workshops take place every last Thursday of the month at 5pm. They are an opportunity for a member to share their story and learnings or their expertise in the form of a Q&A interview or self facilitated workshop.

Sunday Service

The Sunday Service takes place every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 11am in person at the CEC space in Viiskulma. This gathering is here for our emotional wellbeing. Its purpose is to shake off the week, take its key learnings, and set intentions for the following one.

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Sunday Service
External trainings
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External Trainings

We frequently invite experts to share their knowledge with our community members for example regarding tax & finances, marketing, research, idea validation, or any other topic that is relevant for our business owners. These do not have a set monthly date to allow for flexibility when coordinating time with our experts.

“My name is Kati Mayfield, I'm the founder of FloweRescue ry. I became involved with the Conscious Entrepreneurs Community in 2021 and I've really appreciated being part of a network of like-minded people who work to improve the world through the way they work, and through the products and services they offer. I appreciate the availability of the peer network and that I've gained professional collaborators through the community!”

Katy Mayfield, founder of FloweRescue ry

Welcome to join!

Are you an impact driven entrepreneur in Helsinki metropol area, or are you aspiring to become one? Fill in our light application form below and we look forward to connecting with you.

Conscious Entrepreneurs Community in Helsinki


Curious of this all came to be? You can read our full story of where this all began and how it developed over the years.

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