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Conscious Wine Tastings in the Heart of Helsinki

Have you ever heard of orange wine? Or are you well versed in the differences of the making of Champagne vs. Prosecco? Have you tried Finnish wine?

One of our wonderful community member's, Maria Kuzina, is an ex-St.George Helsinki sommelier who opened her own specialised wine tasting space on Yrjönkatu 25 in March 2023.

I went to visit Maria in her beautiful cozy space and interview her on her journey and ask some questions about wine. You can listen to our open conversation on Spotify about entrepreneurship, jumping to create your own small business and following your vision.

Some of the wines that are mentioned in this episode (not an ad, no affiliation):

  • Ainoa Valokki cloudberry wine (

  • Gewürztraminer wine grape that has a rose water / exotic fruit type of character. Grown in Alsace, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

  • Georgian wine made in large Qvevri vessels dug into the Earth.

I hope you enjoy our open conversation, the fascinating trivia knowledge Maria shares about wine, and feel the power of community when being a small business founder.

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