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Friday 26th April Helsinki City Hall Self-Care Day

Next Friday April 26th we are excited to return to the Helsinki City Hall for an other event that will surely fill the space with community, connection, and learning (like our CEC Festival back in 2023).

If you would like to join us, you can register for free through our Eventbrite:

The way this event came together has been wonderful! It has been a natural coming together of five different wellbeing experts, all with a different passion and focus, all wanting to share their learnings with others

This day is for you if…

  • You are looking to spend an afternoon in an inspirational environment with an inclusive community feel

  • You are ready to learn concepts and tools to help increase your well-being

  • You want to gift yourself an afternoon to focus on the most important relationship in your life… while also connecting deeply with others!

Minna Mustapää will open the day by sharing about the organizations behind this event and lead us through an opening meditation to get us more present for the day. She will share her journey of chasing her worth outside of herself, and most importantly the tools that helped her to stop chasing. In this section will be grounded mindfulness that will tickle our inner awareness with the intention of increased happiness and emotional well-being.

Next up Carmen Lorenzana will connect us with the power of cyclical living, and how we can use this wisdom to supercharge our lives. She is a certified Fertility Awareness teacher by FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management), a Red School Menstruality Mentor, and a life coach. In this workshop, you will explore the profound connections between the cycles of nature and your own inner rhythms. From the daily ebb and flow to the phases of the menstrual, lunar and creative cycles, connect to the richness of cyclical living. We will also explore how the lessons learned from your menstrual cycle can be applied to our entrepreneurial journey, helping us cultivate sustainability and well-being.

Then Tiia Huuhka, an intuitive eating nutritionist who’s changing the way we talk about food and bodies will share how she went from constantly feeling lost and confused about how to eat to feel good in her own skin, to finding food freedom and being in tune with her body. She studied the Science of Nutrition at the university and is passionate about disarming the harmful diet culture we live in. Are you ready to recognize and question damaging beliefs and rules you have about food and eating?

After our short break, we will continue with the amazing powerhouse that is Katre Kitchen. She is a certified personal and group fitness trainer who started her own fitness journey over a decade ago, which just about saved her life. She wanted to pay it forward and see if what she had experienced with training, can help other women. She started an all women Bootcamp three years ago that organically grew at a fast pace. A community of women who wanted to feel better found themselves loving movement through the supportive community. She found out that it works - it wasn’t a fluke and other women are changing their lives too. In this session you will hear Katre's inspiring story and top tips, as well as learn how you can join her Bootcamp if you are ready up level your physical (and emotional) wellbeing!

And last but not least, the wonderful Jessi Christian will connect us with the superpower of self-compassion, and how to turn it into self-confidence. Jessi went from severe burnout and depression to becoming a certified life coach. Giving herself grace and kindness was at the core of her journey and she will share tools and mindset shifts she learned along the way. She supports her clients in tackling topics such as inner criticism, self-confidence, perfectionism, self-compassion and self-care and empowers women to show up unapologetically authentic in life.

...But wait there's more! To integrate all of the inspiring ideas and thoughts we will have learned along the day, we will join together for an open panel conversation on all the learnings of the day, answer any questions, and share reflections. This is set to be a brave and deep conversation that invites sharing vulnerably and creating a strong sense of connection with yourself and others. Join us by registering for free through our Eventbite:

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